Become a volunteer

Volunteer opportunities are available for:

Medical Internships:  you should consider coming to Nepal and joining our medical internship programme to gain experience in a different medical field . You will gain valuable knowledge and experience in your field of work.

Rural Health Post Work: Diarrhea, coughs, eye problems, wounds, fevers, epigastric pain, general aches and pain  are main health problems of people living in rural area of Nepal. As a volunteer you will assist local health staff   to provide basic medical services to rural people with basic medical equipment and medicine.

Volunteers without formal medical training or qualifications can join the Health Aid Program to organize awareness programs including training on personal hygiene, sanitation, taking HIV/AIDS  or health awareness classes.

Volunteers for program must:
-Be 18 years or older
-Have no major health problems
-Be eligible to obtain a tourist visa to Nepal
-Flexible, committed and adjustable

Join with us for Health Aid Program

Please fill the form or directly mail us at for appying volunteer.