Completed Projects

Completed Projects :

The Organization began to working with Rural communities of Kavre District in in Nepal in 2010 to provide educational needs for the village children with the support from a famous French musician FREDRIC CHENDOZ.

There were lack of educational needs in ” Shree Saubarna Lower Secondary School ” ___ V.D.C. Kavre District . We decided to help and provide them the educational needs for the school which directly benifits the children of the village . We began to try to find the donors and in the last we met Mr . ____ who is also a Musician and did many time Trekking trip with us and totaly satisfied.

with the help of him we succeed to privide educational needs for the school

Our main aim was :

-Scable and sustainable results
-Maximum investment in educational infrastructure.
-Community owenership to face chalanges
-Strong local staff and partnerships creating culturally relevant programs.

Future Project :

A. Bagmati District , Kavre District , Katike Deurali VDC 1 Arubot .
Katike Deurali VDC Arubot lies in the east of Kathmandu about 120 km far from the main centre of Kathmandu and the population of the village is about 500 people .
There is a lack of Drinking water in the village and the organization came to know about thei drinking water problem……! So our future project is to provide safe drinking water in the village and we are seeking for support and Donor for the project from National and internatinal Organizations and also seeking for the Volunteer for the project .
Fred ( French Musician ) is already interested to support for this project and will be involved in this project .

If any one interested to provide support or Volunteer from France , You can contact Mr Fred . His address is :


= We are planning to run a educational classes for the street children of Kathmandu in the main office of the Organization in Kathmandu .
=And also our main Office will be a centre for information about History and Culture of Kathmandu and also about Nepal . So , any one who will be connected with this Organization they can get this service from our Main office in Kathmandu and they can begin their research work from here .
=Personlized,long-term on-the-job training opportunaties for Nepalese and also for foreigon volunteers.
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