About Us

YOUTH VISION FOUNDATION , NEPAL ( YVFN ) is non-government & non-profit making social organization. Registered under the Nepal Organization registration Act.2034 B.S (1974)
After working on the field of Trekking we had chance to look deeply into the different society of Nepal. We visited many different families in the rural areas of Nepal. We were amazed by the warmth hospitality enthusiasm of the people but also saddened by shocking lack of education and Health program, human rights, Environmental awareness for the children.

To help on the field of education for village children we built a team to work with rural villages to build sustainable solutions to their educational challenges.
YOUTH VISION FOUNDATION, NEPAL ( YVFN ) aims to building up more concern from the International Community in the development of Nepal.
Nepal is one of the poorest nations in the world and it is effecting in the field of Health /sanitation, Environment, Education and Human rights of the people of Nepal. Nepal is in need of friends from both inside and outside who can contribute to our pursuit of peaceful and developed nation

YOUTH VISION FOUNDATION, NEPAL (YVFN) aims to building a forum for such interested and benevolent people from around the world who would like to contribute in their own ways. It seeks support from various national agencies, individuals, governmental and non-governmental donors to extend their support to work in the field of health sanitation Environment, Education and on the field of Human right to boost the living status of more needy and poor people of Nepal.

Nepal has been facing such major problems like poor health and sanitation facilities, traditional education system and shortage of clean and safe drinking water and is even unaware of environment change and global warming etc.
YOUTH VISION FOUNDATION, NEPAL (YVFN) was initiated to meet the growing challenges of Nepal’s development through the initiation of non-government sectors .
Priority Areas:
-Human Rights
– Primary Education (primary school construction, scholarship for children)
– HIV/AIDS/ Tuberculosis/ Malaria Prevention, care and support.
– Organizing Health Camp
– Youth Development
– Environmental Management
– Women Empowerment.
– Management of Seminars and Conferences